Fast-paced 2D Battle Royale combined with helmet concept character. Prepare yourself with various types of weapon and item to survive.


WASD - Move

Mouse / Left-click - Aim / Shoot

Shift / Space - Dodgeslide

F - Interact

M, V, G - Open map


- Find shiny boxes and destroy it to loot. 

- Use medkit and shield cell / battery if you got low on your health / shield. Click icons placed on the right side of the screen to use those medical items.

- Utilize your weapon at maximum. Some kinds of weapon are more powerful in specific circumstances.

- Eliminating other enemies make them drop all the loot they have! go get them and become stronger.


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One word: WOW! I loved it ! Really complete small battle royale game! I played against 10 player maximum but still had a huge amount of fun! Loved it keep it up! 

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